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The Islamic Civilisation (Paper Back) (Code: BK AWK09)

Dr. Mustafa Siba'i

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Dr. Mustafa Siba'i

For a thousand years the Islamic civilization was the central light whose rays illuminated the world. It was the mother of European culture, for men reared in this civilization were the masters in the Middle Ages at whose feet the Spaniards, the French, the English, the Italians and the Germans sat to learn philosophy, science of mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, physics, medicine and industrial techniques.

This book covers the glorious Islamic past when Islam reached its peak in terms of Justice, Peace and Prosperity.

It covers the following areas:

  1. Racial Equality
  2. Religious Tolerance
  3. Morality in War
  4. Compassion and Kindness to Animals
  5. Welfare Institutions
  6. Schools and Educational Institutions
  7. Hospitals and Medical Institutions
  8. Private and Public Libraries
  9. Capitals and Large Cities


Dr. Mustafa Siba'i was born in 1915 in the city of Hams, Damascus. He memorized the Quran at a very young age. His primary and secondary studies were completed in the Masudiyyah School. He always excelled in studies and was known for his intelligence and academic brilliance.

He studied the Islamic Sciences with his father Shaykh Hasani Sibai and in circles with great scholars and jurists of Hams. His teachers included Shaykh Tahir Al-Atasi (Mufti of Hams at the time), Shaykh Zahid Al-Atasi, Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yasin, Shaykh Anis Kalalib and others.

From the young age of eighteen he used to deliver the Friday khutbahs in the absence of his father. In 1933, he went to Egypt and enrolled at the University of Al-Azhar to study fiqh. Upon completing his studies of fiqh, he enrolled at the Usul al-Deen Faculty of Al-Azhar and excelled in his studies.

In 1949, he completed his Ph.D. on the theme of 'The Position of Sunnah in Legislation'. In 1950 he was appointed Professor of Law at the University of Damascus and in 1955, he established the Faculty of Shariah at the same university. He established the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria in 1945. Dr Sibai was elected to the Syrian Parliament from 1949-1954.

He passed away in 1964.

Table of contents

Foreword IX

Introduction 1

1 Characteristics of Islamic Civilization 25

2 Historical Impressions of Islamic Civilization 36

3 Philanthropy 50

4 Racial Equality 65

5 Religious Tolerance 74

6 Morality in War 101

7 Compassion and Kindness to Animals 122

8 Welfare Institutions 134

9 Schools and Educational Institutions 144

10 Hospitals and Medical Institutions 157

11 Private and Public Libraries 180

12 Societies and Academic Circles 191

13 Capitals and Large Cities 205

About The Author 218




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